Submit your ID Photo

If you are a new incoming MIT student or employee, please use this application to submit your photo for your official MIT ID card. If a suitable photo is successfully submitted in a timely manner, your ID card will be printed and waiting for you when you arrive on campus. The MIT ID card provides access to housing, dining halls, various MIT spaces, libraries, Tech Cash, and more.

You may submit your own photo or have your photo taken at the Atlas Service Center.

If you submit your own photo, it must

  • be a current color image.
  • have a smooth white background.
  • have good lighting.
  • be a front view of your full face, centered in the frame from just above the top of your head to your collarbone.
  • show your eyes open and without any glare from eyeglasses if you wear them.
  • not show any garment or head gear that obstructs your face.
  • be at least 300 pixels wide and saved as a jpg with high-quality optimization.

When you are ready, upload your photo here.