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What is the MIT ID card used for?

The MIT ID card is your key to campus. Depending on your role and authorizations, the MIT ID card may be used to:

  • Access campus buildings and residences
  • Make purchases using TechCASH at participating locations on and off campus
  • Receive discounts at participating locations

MIT Mobile ID, a digital version of the MIT ID card, is now available. Learn more.

MIT ID cards featuring the “Charlie Inside” logo on the back may be used as an MBTA “T” pass. All benefits-eligible faculty and staff based on the Cambridge campus (including those working remotely) receive an embedded chip in their ID cards which gives them free, unrestricted use of the MBTA subway and local bus systems, funded by the Institute; other community members may use the MIT ID card as a “stored value” CharlieCard. Your ID card will be deactivated when you leave the Institute. Any MBTA funds you added can still be accessed, but other card functions will be deactivated.

Who can get an MIT ID card?

Students and Employees
Students and employees receive MIT ID cards during the onboarding process, after registering for an MIT Kerberos account and submitting an ID photo. If you do not have a photo suitable for use, you can have your photo taken in the Atlas Service Center.

Department/Lab/Center (DLC)-sponsored cardholders
Make sure your authorized DLC sponsor has granted you access to the Covid Pass application. You will receive an email explaining next steps for completing Kerberos account registration, setting a password, and uploading your photo to be used on your ID card.

Authorized DLC Sponsors: All new requests should be submitted through the Covid Access dashboard. If you need to request a new card for someone already in Covid Pass, or for someone who does not need campus access, use this form instead (form requires MIT certificate and 'dlcsponsor' moira list membership).

Spouses and partners of students who reside on campus
MIT Housing & Residential Services initiates the process of registering spouses and partners of resident students. Once your family documentation is processed by Housing & Residential Services, you will receive an email with instructions to register for a Kerberos account and obtain your MIT ID card.

Spouses and partners of students or employees who do not reside on campus
MIT students and employees may request an MIT ID card for their spouse or partner.

  • Make sure the MIT student or employee who is your spouse/partner has submitted the non-resident Spouse/Partner request form requesting an MIT ID card on your behalf. Depending on the time of year, the forms may take a few days to process. Your spouse/partner will receive an email and notify you when you may come to the Atlas Center for your card.
  • When you come to the welcome desk in the Atlas Center, identify yourself as a spouse/partner. Bring a passport or valid U.S. ID (such as a U.S. driver's license) for both parties as well as proof of cohabitation (marriage certificate, joint bank account information, bank statement with both names, lease with both names or a J-2).
  • Have your photo taken in the Atlas Center, or submit your photo electronically following the instructions provided.

Note: If campus access is required for a non-resident spouse or partner, follow the process for DLC-Sponsored cardholders, above.

Alumni and retirees
Contact the Atlas Service Center to request an MIT ID card.

  • Email, or
  • Call 617-253-3000, or
  • Visit the center on the first floor of E17
  • In-person services are available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

How do I get my MIT ID card?

Self-service kiosk:
You can print your own ID card at a self-service kiosk on campus. Kiosks are located in buildings E17, E38, E52, 11, 16, 32, NW35, W35, and W98.

In the MIT Atlas mobile app:

  • Tap "MIT ID"
  • Tap "Get a physical card"
  • Tap "Generate QR Code"

Hold the QR code six inches in front of the scanner on the self-service kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions. Your new card will take 2-3 minutes to print. Once your new card is printed, any previous MIT ID card will become invalid for use.

MIT community members may print a maximum of three replacement cards from a self-service kiosk in one year, free of charge.

Note: If you do not have your current MIT ID card or an active MIT Mobile ID, you can use this QR code as a temporary pass to access the door at E17 (40 Ames Street). Allow up to 30 minutes between generating the QR code and using it for door access. Hold your “print my MIT ID” QR code six inches below the “Tim Ticket” scanner to enter the kiosk area.

At the Atlas Service Center welcome desk:

  • At the Atlas Service Center welcome desk, identify yourself and your MIT affiliation.
  • Bring a valid passport, U.S. driver’s license or U.S. government-issued picture ID for proof of identity. Driver’s licenses from other countries, college/university IDs from other institutions, credit/bank cards or insurance cards will not be accepted.
  • The name on your government-issued ID must match the legal name that MIT has on file for you.

By mail:
You may also request to have your ID card mailed to you. Contact the Atlas Service Center.

How do I manage my MIT ID card account?

Visit to manage your account. Touchstone login is required.

How do I replace a lost or stolen MIT ID card?

  1. Visit and select Report Lost Card.
  2. Follow the instructions above to get a new card via self-service (24/7) or from the Atlas Service Center during business hours.
  • Your new card will allow the same access as your old card. 
  • For your protection, once a card is replaced, it cannot be reactivated.

Can a visitor use my MIT ID card?

No, do not give your MIT ID card to anyone else, and keep it with you at all times you are on campus. Visitors who do not have their own MIT ID card and Kerberos account may be escorted by a valid MIT ID holder with an active Covid Pass.

Does MIT still issue temporary access proximity (prox) cards to be handed out by department administrators?

No. MIT no longer issues shared temporary access cards. Individuals can be given temporary access to campus buildings or an MIT event using a visitor pass called a Tim Ticket. Individuals needing ongoing card access to campus should be issued a digital or physical MIT ID.