Expiration Dates

Students cards expire. Any MBTA funds can still be accessed, but other card functions will be expired. Employees do not have an expiration date. If you leave the Institute, your card will be deactivated.

Affiliation Description Expiration date printed on card
Alumni Graduates of MIT 1/31 + 10 years from current year
Cross-Registered, Special and International Visiting Students   One semester only
1/31, 6/30 or 8/31 of current year
Faculty and Staff paid by MIT   No expiration date
Graduate Students   Based on length of individual program; maximum of 3 years
Postdoctoral Fellows  Fellows may or may not be paid by MIT; if they are not paid by MIT, they receive an affiliate card No expiration date
Retirees Retired employees of MIT 1/31 + 10 years from current year
Undergraduate Students   6/30 of graduation year
Unpaid Affiliate Appointments An unpaid other academic appointment Expiration date is appointment end date
Sponsored Cards    
Conference Attendees Conference attendees; event sponsor (e.g., Housing Office) submits request Based on sponsor request or maximum 1 year from date request submitted; cannot be reused or updated
DLC Sponsored Cards On-line requests by authorized member of a department/lab/center (DLC)  Set by DLC or maximum 1 year from date request submitted
Spouse/Partner of Students or Employees Sponsoring employee or student requests card Based on expiration date of spouse or partner but no more than 3 years